Leadership & Supporters

ElectNYC is a project of Citizens Union Foundation. As New York’s oldest good government group, Citizens Union has been providing reliable, non-partisan information about local elections for over a century. It is committed to fostering accountability, transparency, and democratic reform in New York government.

ElectNYC team includes:

Betsy Gotbaum, Citizens Union Foundation Executive Director

Eleanor Randolph, ElectNYC Project Director

Ben Weinberg, Project Manager

Rachel Bloom, Partnerships and Outreach

Research team: Vincent Abrams, Maleiha Ali, Anderson Calderon, Iman Khan, Calypso Leonard, Caleb Miller, Victor Porcelli, Sean Simmers, Lilly Simon, Tiber Worth

Shabd Simon-Alexander, Social Media Strategist

Emma Werowinski, Graphic Designer

ElectNYC is made possible by the generous contributions of the following supporters:

The Ford Foundation

The Klingenstein Family Foundation

The Agnes Gund Foundation

Tony Smith

Gail Erickson

Alan Rothstein

Rick Schaffer

Nancy Bowe

Alan Lubliner

Stephen Meringoff

Rose Peabody Lynch